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We strive to find the best solutions for our clients and for the planet.
We are energy in motion. We are HUB 21.


Having as main objective a structured and efficient Green System, will allow HUB 21 to have huge visibility in the renewable energy sector in the next 15-20 years, also allowing it to be included in the “Green Transition” project intended as a fundamental part of the Recovery Fund presented in Europe by Mario Draghi during 2021.

Considering that in the upcoming years around 70 billion euros will be allocated to Italy from European funds for the management of the post-pandemic and aimed exclusively at the renewable energy sector, HUB 21 has entered the market of heavy logistics applied to the wind power sector, and proposes itself as a partner for the problem solving related to the transport and handling of industrial components in the wind power sector.

The presence of Hannibal Spa, which is a Contship Multimodal Transport Operator, among the partners of HUB 21, guarantees the possibility of carrying out transport operations to and from Northern Europe, using trains intended for the transport of containers from the main Italian ports to the North Europe and vice versa.

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HUB 21 handles integrated logistics, including rail transport, warehousing and delivery to panel sites for the Obton Fund, an investment and development company specializing in solar energy.

To date we have three projects in charge: WT1 – 39Mw (Completed); PJ1 PJ2 – 40Mw (in progress) and WT2 – approx. 100Mw (Starting Jan – Feb) with a total of about 180Mw.

The transport follows the following route: departure from Rotterdam or Ireland in partnership with Hannibal (Conthsip Italia) – Storage in the warehouses of Pozzolo or Occiamiano – Final delivery on site.

With 540 transports, we have handled 350 containers by train with a saving of 500 tons of Co2 compared to traditional road transport.


Through our green commitment, we worked with industry-leading clients.